What Skills do You Need to be a Top CPA at Hall & Company?

Business professionals collaborating as a team in a meeting.

Being a CPA at a top firm requires a specialized skill set. As well as having the required education and certifications to practice in the field, Hall & Company employees are renowned for their strong soft-skills. If you’re interested in learning what it takes to excel at one of Orange County’s largest CPA firms as a top business accounting professional, read on. 

Time Management Skills 

Top CPAs often wear multiple hats and are vital business consultants for their clients. As their roles continue to expand and they’re consultative services grow in high demand, their plates become increasingly full. Because of this, time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks are critical traits for successful Hall & Company employees.  

Up-to-Date Tax Expertise 

The best accountants keep up-to-date with local, state, and federal tax laws. To best serve their clients, it’s essential that Hall & Company CPAs take continuing education courses to stay current on these ever-changing complex regulations.   


Contrary to popular belief, all accountants aren’t isolated businesspeople working independently on client projects. CPAs at top firms often work in team settings, and this is no different at Hall & Company. The best CPAs are collaborative team members that work together to support the various departments of the organization. Elaborating on this crucial characteristic, Hall & Company’s audit associate, Dunja Ivesic, adds: “I think that the most valuable skills working here are being team-oriented and having excellent communication. I believe that these qualities contribute to a successful work environment because when there is excellent communication between team members, information can flow, and we can work more efficiently as a group.”  


As mentioned in the last paragraph, working in teams is common for accounting professionals, and any productive team environment necessitates effective communication. In addition to clear communication between team members, top accounting professionals must be able to explain financial data and reports to laypeople.  Effective communication is also the foundation of excellent client relationships. Speaking to this critical attribute, Hall & Company tax associate, Queenie Qin, adds: “Communication is one of the skills that is valuable working at Hall & Company. Good communication can help create a strong team, which ultimately helps the firm to provide clients with more efficient and better service.”  


An accountant is required to reconcile balance sheets and track every cent of a client’s finances. Additionally, they must stay current on the latest industry regulations regarding taxation. As such, having a keen eye for detail is imperative in this role. Being able to spot a missing numerical digit or knowing the fine print on any taxation policy is key to the job function of an accountant, and is a top skill of all Hall & Company employees.  

At Hall & Company, we pride ourselves on having the best accounting professionals in the industry on our team. Our employees boast extensive expertise in all areas of accounting and business while also possessing these additional five skills. The combination of experience and strong interpersonal traits means that our team members are continually performing above industry standards.  If you’re interested in joining a leading Irvine CPA firm and working on a team made of top-tier talent, contact us today. Alternatively, if you’d like to work with the best team of CPAs in southern California, we’d love to chat.  

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