Tips for New Accounting Graduates

The arrival of May ushers in the graduation season, and many recent accounting graduates are entering the workforce for the first time. With demand and competition for the best accountants continuing to grow, being able to position yourself as a prime candidate in the job market will help you land the best placement for a rewarding career. As an established Orange County CPA firm, Hall & Company is always seeking out top talent to join our team. As such, we know what to look for in the best new hires. Here we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for new grads hoping to jumpstart their career as a certified public accountant.

1. Take the CPA exam early.

While it may seem unsettling to start studying for the CPA exam so soon after years of studying for your degree, it is best not to postpone getting certified as a public accountant. It’s much more convenient to take the CPA exam while your academic studies are still fresh in your mind, instead of later on in your career when you are further removed from the habit of studying and the technical subject matter necessary to pass the test.

2. Volunteer

As a new accountant, one way to boost your resume while also giving back to the community is to volunteer at local non-profit organizations. Charities are often looking for low-cost or pro-bono professional services, and offering your specialized skills in accounting would be a great way to contribute to your community.

3. Seek out a Mentor

For budding accountants, having a mentor to help guide you along your journey can prove to be an indispensable asset. A more experienced professional can offer you bespoke guidance and information particularly suited to your desires and goals as you progress through your accounting career.  Although it may take many introductions and professional meetups before you find a well-matched mentor, the time investment will be well worth it.

4. Craft a professional online brand

Today, many employers research job candidates’ social media profiles before hiring. Before entering the workforce, be sure to clean up your social media profiles and remove any posts that don’t reflect a professional version of you. It’s also advisable to set your personal profiles to private unless they are used in a professional capacity. Additionally, be sure to create a LinkedIn profile for online networking to make yourself discoverable by online recruiters. Flesh out your LinkedIn profile with all of your relevant job posts, internships, and academic clubs and add a thoughtful and descriptive bio to your page.

At Hall & Company, we hire top-tier talent because we know that the most talented professionals bring an elevated level of service to our clients. If you are interested in working at a top California CPA firm, we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you would like to work with the best Irvine business accountants and consultants, contact us today.

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