Three Qualities To Look For In A Company Culture

For many people looking from the outside in, company culture and CPA firm do not often come to mind in the same sentence. Company CultureAccounting can be an intimidating topic, and that initial impression tends to leak into the public’s perception of the work, the environment, and overall happiness. But what about all of us who enjoy tax season, and also value a great place to work? Is there any way to have both?


Here are three qualities to look for in a company culture:


Professional Development

When searching for an organization to work for, it’s important to look at opportunities for growth. Professional development is a crucial piece to the puzzle for any job, and is especially important for accounting professionals who have aspirations to move up in their careers. If you can find a business that is willing to invest in its employees, it’s a great sign that you’re in the right place. When on the job search, look for organizations, which offer benefits such as paid tuition reimbursement and license renewals. At Hall & Company, we actively participate in continuing education.

Incentivized Goals

While there are certain expectations across the board for all CPA firms, going above and beyond should be recognized. One of the most common ways that companies lose talent is when they overlook the accomplishments of their employees. Part of making the operations process a win-win for both the employer and the employee is to make team members feel appreciated. During your application process, keep an eye out for companies with profit sharing and bonus opportunities. They’re an indication that the firm appreciates and wants to hold on to its most valuable employees.


Team Environment

One quality that can get overlooked at an organization is the importance of having reliable teammates who you can trust. A big part of that is creating opportunities to develop working friendships with the people you will be interacting with on a regular basis. Sometimes we get so pulled into our jobs, that we don’t take the time to create those connections that help hold each coworker accountable to one and another. That’s where management needs to step in. Team building activities, outings, and mentoring programs can really set a great company apart – and immensely enhance your work environment. And it’s also important to have an outlet to de-stress as a team! We have a workout room and a game room to break away from the grind. Plus, you should see our team do yoga together!


Don’t settle for a company that doesn’t keep you in mind. At Hall & Company, we invest in our people and their on-going professional growth, since they are the cornerstones of our success. We recruit and hire only those who share our commitment and passion to provide a noticeably different client experience.



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