State Tax Nexus Review

Growth and market share is critical to your company’s success. Most often the activities intended to generate profits increase your exposure to state and local taxes. Business transactions, expansions, sales solicitations, internet sales – all have tax implications. 

States have ramped up their compliance efforts with nexus units solely responsible for finding unregistered out-of-state seller doing business within their state illegally. Fortunately, with proper planning you can take control of your state and local tax issues – before the state does. 

The Hall & Company state and local tax specialists have developed a unique nexus process to provide you with a “snapshot” of how your multistate business activities affect your state nexus.  Our nexus decision matrix approach quantifies, documents and prioritizes your multistate tax decisions based on your unique qualitative and quantitative risk tolerances. 

We’ll analyze the nexus (the minimal presence within a state that allows the state to impose their tax laws upon out-of-state businesses) and estimated income and franchise and sales tax liability associated with your company’s activities in the state you have sales and or services. This nexus decision matrix is a tool that provides a road map to help you formulate practical tax solutions to bring your company into tax compliance and mitigate or reduce any identified tax exposures. 

The nexus decision matrix will:❖ Identify states where nexus is present and why.❖ Identify states where a state registration will be filed.❖ Identify past and current state tax liabilities.❖ Document planning opportunities and solutions to comply, reduce and eliminate future state tax cost.

Have peace of mind around your company’s past state tax exposure. Take a pre-emptive posture of your company’s business activities associated with your company’s future growth.

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