Name: Lauren Sargant

Job Title: Front Desk Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Time at the Firm: 4 months


Meet Lauren Sargant


How long have you been with the firm?

4 months

What do you like most about working at Hall & Company?

I like the people I work with, they are very welcoming and are a good time. I also really enjoy the mornings we get Krispy Kreme donuts…. They are my fav.

Over quarantine, what became your favorite hobby?

EATING. All I did was cook and eat and cook and eat. Then I started going on bike rides a lot, that was fun too. But for sure the food was my favorite part. Oh and Costco trips.

Do you have any pets?

I have a zoo. I have a saltwater fish tank with 2 Nemo’s and a Dory, as well as an eel. Then I have 2 English bulldogs (the fat girls) Nala is all white and Lilo is tricolor, and one pit/lab mix named Gucci that we rescued.

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled?

We took a month-long trip to Maui last year, and it was my favorite trip ever.

Where is somewhere you want to travel?

EVERYWHERE. I really want to go to Turkey to see the hot air balloons. I also would love to go all over Europe.

Have you seen anything lately that made you smile?

My mom just sent me a video of my Grandfather who is 93 now, who is finally walking again after a big stroke. So that made me smile huge and ugly cry.

Are you a sports fan? If so, who is your favorite team?

I am a big sports fan. Portland Trailblazers are my basketball team (I was born and raised in Portland) Oregon ducks for college football. Tennessee Titans for my NFL team (only because my boyfriend is the biggest titans fan ever, so, therefore, I had no choice)

What is your favorite Charity or place you donate?

I have participated in the St. Jude walk every year for the last 8 years. It’s my favorite place to donate. My boyfriend’s family is from Memphis, so I’ve gotten to take the tour of the campus and learn all about what they do. Ever since then we donate monthly & always do the walks.


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