Skills to Look for When Hiring a CPA for Your Business

You’ve built your business from the ground up, and now you are finally ready to bring in resources to help your business run efficiently. When it comes to balancing the books, where do you start? Transitioning from being the owner, operator, and do-it-yourself business person to bringing people onto the payroll is a huge step. The first place you need to look is in the field of accounting. When seeking a CPA for your self-made business, you want to consider a variety of skills, knowledge, and abilities.


Most people might think this goes without saying, but at Hall & Company, we believe this skill cannot be emphasized enough. Finding your perfect-fit CPA means matching your growing business with an accountant who is going to give your books their undivided attention with a positive and polished attitude.

Communication Skills

Depending on the situation, CPAs will represent your finances and organization to the IRS. They need to be able to articulately present or defend your business during the event of an audit – as well as easily convey any problems/solutions to you, the business owner.

Analytical Skills

Because your CPA is responsible for accurately filing your tax information, they should be able to compare and interpret figures and have a fine eye for spotting and solving complex financial issues.

Understanding Emerging Tax Changes and Updates

Part of becoming a state CPA is passing a series of rigorous exams focused on the most current tax laws. What you may not know is that CPAs are required to continuously update their tax knowledge, commonly taking seminars and courses – as well as updating their licenses regularly. You’ll want to have an in-the-know CPA in your corner equipped with all of the up-to-date tax information to keep your business whipped into shape.


Just like any employee or peer you add to your team, your CPA should reflect ethically moral practices and conduct themselves and their bookkeeping with integrity. If you’ve built your business on doing things the right way, don’t veer and hire a CPA that will cut corners and try to game the system to save a few bucks.

At Hall & Company, our Irvine CPA team is driven by our shared desire to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. Our team members carry themselves and their practices with professionalism and have committed considerable time and energy into their education. Whether you’re seeking someone to help with personal income tax returns or quarterly corporation tax filings, the Hall & Company CPAs are experts you can rely on with confidence!

If you have any accounting needs done for your budding business, feel free to contact us!