Whether you are thinking of buying a new business, considering selling your existing operations, or looking to unload a division, the calculated value of the entity is paramount.

At Hall & Company, we provide objective analysis to assist you in the valuation of any business in which you have an interest. We provide a full range of business valuation services including due diligence and reporting issues related to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financing, and wealth transfer.

Company Valuations:

  • M&A
  • C to S Conversions
  • ESOP Valuations
  • Estate Planning and Reporting
  • Partial/Fractional Interest Valuations
  • Restricted Stock Studies
  • Warrants and Stock Options
  • Insurance Placements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements

Accounting and Tax Compliance (including 141, 142, 409A, and 123(R)):

  • Enterprise Value Calculations
  • Goodwill Impairment Measurement
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Stock Options


  • Fairness and Solvency Opinions
  • Formation and Sale of ESOPs
  • Transaction Advisory and Recapitalization

Intangible Asset Valuations:

  • Intellectual Property
    • Patents
    • Software
    • Technology
  • Trademark
  • Tradename Valuations

Restructuring and Reorganization:

  • Corporate Recapitalizations
  • Debt Forgiveness and Insolvency Opinions
  • Debt Instrument Valuations

Litigation and Eminent Domain:

  • Lost Profit Analysis
  • Eminent Domain Proceedings
  • Corporate and Partnership Dissolutions

Our team has developed a reputation for our superior services, timeliness, top quality work, and most of all, our integrity in the business valuations process.

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