Orange County Coastkeeper Beach Cleanup Recap

As part of a growing effort to exercise greater corporate citizenship in the Orange County community and connect with causes cherished by the firm’s staff, this summer Hall & Company partnered with Orange County Coastkeeper, a non-profit organization committed to protecting the region’s water resources to ensure they are swimmable, drinkable and fishable for present and future generations. To help achieve this goal, Hall & Company united with Orange County Coastkeeper to organize a beach cleanup on May 25th.

Given that many Hall & Company team members are beachgoers with a rich appreciation for the environment, partnering with Coastkeeper for a beach cleanup was a natural fit. As a result, 20 Hall & Company employees and family members gathered at Newport Municipal Beach on the last Saturday of May, eager to help the local community and kick off summer by donating their time. After two hours at the beach, the group collected a total of 25 pounds of trash.

Said Ken Gryske, Hall & Company’s director of business development: “I was surprised with all the trash, plastic and cigarette butts I found.  It made me think, ‘If such a famous and well-known beach like Newport can be this dirty, what about the lesser-known beaches?’ We are all part of our communities, and if we all do a little, it will make a big difference.”

Other Hall & Company team members felt similarly, with administrative supervisor Laura Tovey adding; “Hall & Company’s beach cleanup was a huge success! When we arrived at the beach, it looked relatively clean, but I soon found out that there were tiny pieces of trash called micro-plastic everywhere. I didn’t realize the danger that these micro-plastics posed to animals in the coastal environment. Most of the trash we picked up was small enough for most animals to eat, so I was shocked to see how much trash we were able to gather. It’s really great to be a part of a team that gives back to the community. I can’t wait for the next cleanup!”

The May beach cleanup was Hall & Company’s first partnership with Orange County Coastkeeper, and overall the event was a huge success. As a top CPA firm, Hall & Company understands its responsibility to the local community, and the firm continually aims to work with causes that resonate with the Hall & Company team.  As such, this event is only one of the firm’s many philanthropic initiatives, with a back-to-school backpack drive being the next event on the calendar. To keep up with future Hall & Company events and general business accounting topics, be sure to follow the company blog. If you’re interested in working with a firm that not only cares about the environment but also about its team members’ charitable causes, visit our careers page. Alternatively, contact us today – we’re always open to connecting with the best talent in the accounting industry.

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