New Year, New Financial Plan

The biggest point our blogs have been making for 2019, is that tax law changes will officially be enacted for Americans everywhere.

New year

From medical leave to social security and privatized stocks, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has introduced sweeping changes across a spectrum of accounting topics.

With so much change, it can feel like a lot for most people. So what do you do? That’s where we come in.


Acknowledge The Need For A Professional

Many businesses and individuals will be going into the new tax season with a “do it yourself” attitude. We’ve got important news for them: 2019 is not the year of DIY. There are so many changes to the tax law that it will be extremely difficult for experts, let alone amateurs, to meet the IRS’ many new requirements effectively. Take that into consideration as an opportunity to protect your business. Since the announcement, our team has dedicated itself to learning the ins and outs of the new laws, so that you don’t have to. Hiring a professional isn’t just about peace of mind – It’s smart business.


Make An Informed Decision

When it comes to finding an accountant that meets your business’ needs, there are many options around each corner. However, not every firm is built the same way. Research the organization that you want to rely on to help your company comply with government standards. Look for firms with experience not only in the services you are searching for but also within the industry you work in. Familiarity with company needs and expectations within each vertical goes a long way in producing accurate and dependable work. It will also strengthen the client/accountant relationship, leading to higher levels of trust.

At Hall & Company, we’ve been a part of the Irvine, CA community for over thirty years. Our team brings a diverse offering of experiences and successes to the table, and we are confident we can make a difference for your organization.


If you are searching for a firm that will represent your accounting needs according to the highest standards of conduct, we would love to get in touch. For more information on other accounting topics, check out our blog.

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