How CPAs Can Nurture Better Relationships With Clients

Part of being a terrific CPA is establishing and maintaining positive client-accountant relationships. It’s important to engage clients on their needs, avoid the things they don’t want and address them with professionalism and kindness. 

Here are some of the methods that the CPAs at Hall & Company, an Irvine CPA Firm, utilize to build better connections:

Go the extra mile

Clients feel more at home with CPAs who go out of their way to show that they matter. This is mostly through small but caring actions such as:

  1. Using the client’s name.
  2. Writing a handwritten thank you letter.
  3. Sending a card on a birthday or anniversary.

Remember, you’re trying to grow a long-term relationship!

Quality of work > Speed

While, yes, being efficient is always a good quality for a CPA to have, you always should return to your clients with precise, polished work rather than hurrying too fast. Clients aren’t impressed by rushed work and are less likely to remain with your firm if they feel they don’t have your full attention. CPAs should endeavor to make sure that clients know that you take their bookkeeping seriously.

Ask for feedback

Sending surveys or making phone calls help CPAs monitor the satisfaction of their clients and open avenues for the CPA to continuously offer better services.

Be personable

Clients are more likely to remain with your firm and utilize your services if they can relate to you. Tell a story or ask about a client’s recent vacation. Being appropriate and professional is vital when representing your firm, but it’s perfectly all right to crack a joke once in a while!

Becoming an accountant that can nurture and keep positive relationships with their clients makes you an asset to your firm.

If you’re a CPA who is driven to offer excellent services to your clients and enjoy being a valuable member of a team, then we want to hear from you! Hall & Company is the Irvine accounting firm that invests in its team’s continued education and offers comprehensive benefits superior to others in the field.

With over 35 years of experience, Hall & Company CPAs have earned a reputation for extending outstanding accounting, auditing, and tax services, as well as upholding some of the best client-accountant relationships in Orange County.

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