Hall & Company’s First ‘Hall of Women’ Network Meeting

This month, Hall & Company held the first Hall of Women Network meeting, also known as  HOW Network. The HOW Network’s mission statement is “committed to fostering a culture that is both diverse and inclusive, where women are able to enhance their career through initiatives that support their advancement, expand their impact and influence, and together drive positive change at Hall & Company”. The HOW Network is the firm’s first affinity group. 

Lucia Valenzuela, Hall & Company’s Senior Manager of Specialty Tax Services, introduced the group’s mission statement and purpose during the first meeting. She also provided a discussion on communicating with body language. 

Below are a few takeaways from Lucia’s discussion, featuring concepts and ideas from Dorie Clark, a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the World Economic Forum blog. 

Mastering Body Language

“Mastering body language may seem overwhelming, for there are a lot of moving parts. And of course, we can’t see ourselves, so it’s hard to know exactly what we’re doing at any given moment. That’s especially true in high-stress situations like giving a presentation. It’s hard enough to get the words out of our mouths, much less be aware of where our feet are planted or whether our posture is optimal. But the truth is, there are huge rewards when it comes to focusing on and improving our use of our physical presence. 

Think about what it would mean for you if you could connect better and more easily with the people around you and convey your expertise and authority more effectively without ever saying a word. That’s what you can do with the strategic use of body language. 

To get started, pick one area to focus on. Don’t try to improve everything at once. If there’s an area where you know you could use some work, like nervous fidgeting, start with that, and then you can expand later on. Enlist the help of trusted colleagues to help you keep an eye on your behavior and remind you when you’re falling back into old habits. And together, you can reward yourself and celebrate when you establish new habits. By making a conscious effort to leverage your body the right way, you can magnify the power of your words and your intentions.”

 Regarding the future endeavors of HOW Network, the group is currently planning on hosting motivating and technical speakers, hosting happy hours with some of our business partners and fellow law firms, and incorporating more health-focused initiatives such as office group walks and fitness challenges.

 Thank you to the Executive Committee members: Lynn Talbot, Ellen Bartholemy, Debra Rainey, Shanshan Xia, Jacqueline (Jacquie) van Doleweerd, Penny Chan, and Susan Le, for helping to get this important initiative off the ground! And a big thanks to our Managing Director’s for their support: Bradford Hall, CPA, Michael Silvio, CPA, and Tony Price.

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