Hall & Company Ushers in Half-Day Fridays

As the busy tax season has come to a close and we near the end of an equally busy audit season, many employees look forward to enjoying an extended weekend. After months of working days that can be as long as 12+ hours, the reward of an elongated weekend is much appreciated. For tax professionals, vacations and recreational activities are put on hold during the busy season as they exert all their energy into meeting deadlines and ensuring their clients’ needs are met.

Along with sacrificing time in their personal lives, many accounting professionals may neglect their health during tax season. Leah Machado, director of HR at the human resources and payroll company Paychex, writes in an op-ed for Accounting Today, “…accounting professionals take more sick time in March than any other month of the year, 17 hours on average compared to 11 hours in other months.” With the stressors of tax busy season taking both a mental and physical toll, it’s no surprise that the arrival of April 15 is a sigh of relief for accountants who have spent countless hours concentrating meticulously on their work. The ensuing months allow for much needed mental and physical rejuvenation.

To assist in the rejuvenation process, every year Hall & Company implements half-days on Fridays, starting the first Friday after April 15 for tax professionals and the first Friday after May 15 for auditors. The benefit of half-day Fridays is that it not only alleviates stress, but allows employees to focus on their personal lives. This additional downtime encourages accounting professionals to relax before they gear up for another season of deadlines. In a Forbes piece titled “Are Summer Fridays Good For Business,” Elena Bajic, CEO and founder of Ivy Exec, – an online career resource center – writes that incorporating half-days for employees boosts morale and increases “retention, candidate attraction, and productivity.” Not only are employees excited to have a shortened workweek, but they also retain their same workflow by creating adjustments to their daily tasks.

At Hall & Company, an Irvine CPA firm, we value our talented professionals and believe the reward of a shortened workday can result in happier employees and improved productivity. Happy, productive employees translates to top quality performance and work for our clients. If you’re interested in working with the best accounting professionals who can meet all your business finance needs, we’d love to get in touch. For more information on other financial topics, check out our blog.

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