Extraordinary Analytics for Information Discovery and Interpretation

Financial information is sometimes not what it seems. Divorce, litigation, bankruptcy, and insurance requirements place a premium on transparent financial information. Hall & Company’s forensic accounting litigation support team was formed to help our clients decipher complex statistical data, provide clear interpretation and communication of the financial implications, and develop strategic planning around findings.

Through our specialized, forensic/accounting/litigation support team, we assist attorneys and local courts in a variety of cases and investigations and we specialize in divorce, alternative dispute resolution, bankruptcy and insolvency, and economic damage claims. Our role involves fact-finding, discovery, settlement negotiations, trial support and expert witness testimony. Our resources, education, and experience give our clients the ammunition critically needed to go into battle and have their organizations succeed.


Forensic Accounting & Litigation Services:

  • Business valuations
  • Personal financial valuations
  • Financial investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Litigation consulting
  • Expert Testimony

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