Accounting: Innovation Vs. Stagnation

As 2019 has gotten into full swing, we’ve started to notice that not everyone is prepared for the changes in our industry. Whether it’s Accounting Innovationkeeping up with new tax laws, or learning how to bring additional value to clients through expanding services, many accounting firms have to decide on their future. It boils down to this: innovation vs. stagnation.


So, as professionals, how is Hall and Company staying ahead of the curve?


Top Talent


We’re proud to hire only top tier candidates to our firm. Our experts as considered thought leaders in their space, and have years of experience to pull from when working on your case. Not every CPA Firm is the same, and we don’t hesitate to showcase what our team brings to the table. Our employees share a desire to provide the most quality service for our clients, exude professionalism, are extremely knowledgeable, and have invested considerable time and energy into their careers.


Continuing Education


One sure fire way to stagnate as a firm is to hold back on opportunities for professional growth. There are a lot of workplaces which do not support the continuing education model of employment. We’re not one of them. Whether it’s paid license renewals after certification, or our extensive mentoring and training programs, rest assured that Hall and Company accountants place a priority on keeping up with the times. You won’t see issues regarding compliance with new tax laws – Simply because our team members have been briefed and are already prepared with the tools they need to succeed in this ever-evolving space.


Investing In Technology


As the world continues to grow more connected, new accounting technologies are also coming onto the scene. Our team is always looking for the next big breakthrough, and we are no strangers to innovation. Even in a typically stressful time like filing season, you’ll find solace in the fact that we invest in technology to ensure we have the right financial tools to deliver the best client solutions. At the end of the day, if there’s an opportunity to build extra value for you, rest assured that we are dedicated to finding ways to add it to our quiver.


What we want our readers to understand is that many companies claim to be accounting firms, but only a select few can say they are doing everything possible to exceed client expectations. If you value having a tax professional who you can trust with your business, we’d love to get in touch. For more information on other financial topics, check out our blog.

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