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There are many great internet websites but trying to actually find those great websites can be a frustrating experience. We have compiled a list of websites we have found to be helpful resources of information. When you click on a link, a new window will pop up. Close the new window when you are ready to return to this page.

Questions to ask before choosing an accountant
  • Does your current CPA identify opportunities for your business’s growth rather than simply looking at your historical figures?
  • Does your CPA respond promptly to your calls or emails?
  • Do you consider your CPA your most trusted advisor to provide information for making the best decisions?
  • Do you meet throughout the year with your CPA to discuss tax planning?
  • Do you feel your CPA is assisting you in minimizing your taxes and maximizing your available tax credits?
  • Does your CPA work with your banker to optimize your business’s working capital level?
Accounting Software Blytheco, located in Laguna Hills, is a local supplier of accounting software, support and training. They provide sales of MAS90, MAS200, MAS500, BusinessWorks, SalesLogix, MIP fundraising software, Abra HRMS and custom enhancements. In addition, they provide solutions for ERP, manufacturing, distribution, CRM, HR, payroll, eCommerce, fund accounting and small business. Check out their website by clicking on their link.
Money Magazine Money Magazine offers an online edition that is a great resource for financial information.
Learn about Saving For College Find out how easy it is easy to begin saving for your child's education. This site has the answers to all of your questions about 529 plans. Use their on-line resources to learn more about these remarkable college saving plans.
Morebusiness.com Published "by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs". You'll find how-to advice, helpful articles and even templates for common business documents such as confidentiality agreements.
California ScholarShare Tuition Program It's never too early to start saving for college. ScholarShare offers a tax-advantaged way to put aside money for a child's college education.
Microsoft Investor Monitor your portfolio, graph stocks against the dow, market quotes, and much, much, more!
Bank Rate Monitor Get rates from 4,000 institutions in hundreds of cities nationwide.
National Tuition College Savings Programs Many state governments have created innovative college savings programs designed to meet the savings needs of their citizens. These programs seek to make the savings option easier for the average family.
In the Checklist of Life This book by Lynn McPhelimy is an excellent resource for organizing important documents and notes in your estate plan. It is "a working book to help You live and leave this life!"
LeaseGuide Learn how automobile leases work and how to get the best deals. Use the lease calculator to determine your monthly lease payment when you know the price of the vehicle you want.
United States Foreclosure Laws This site discusses which states are recourse states or non-recourse states withregards to foreclosures and short sales.
Annual Credit Report This site allows you to request a free credit file disclosure, commonly called acredit report, once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer creditreporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
Credit Karma Credit Karma gives you access to all of your financial information — bank accounts, credit cards, bills, mortgages, loans, and, of course, your credit scores — all in one location, all under one account, all for FREE.
Social Security Visit Social Security On-line to check your benefits, learn about medicare, or get employment disability assistance.
Vantaggio HR Vantaggio HR has provided human resource consulting to many or our client businesses of all sizes. They are specialists in providing clients with their: HR outsourcing, labor law compliance, company handbooks, HR hotline, new hire paperwork, posters, discipline and terminations, performance reviews, recruiting, audits, payroll and bookkeeping, benefits, training and development, sexual harassment programs, safety, compensation, labor commissioner complaints, expert witness testimony. Please consider calling Lauraine Bifulco or her team of specialists for the best advice with any of your HR concerns. Their phone number is (949)425-1262.
Milestone Risk Management & Insurance Services Ron Hoefer, founder of Milestone Risk Management and Insurance Services, has created a unique business insurance model. The “traditional broker/salesman” has been eliminated and replaced with loss control specialists, claims advocates, and OSHA trainers. This front line of specialists lowers risk thus making customers more attractive to insurance companies which results in lower premiums. In essence, they become trusted advisors to their clients. With insurance rates effecting businesses bottom line to a greater degree these days it pays to have an insurance team that works diligently to keep insurance costs down. For a more complete description of their unique business model and how Milestone might assist you please visit their website or call Ron directly at 949-852-0909 extension 216.
The Internal Revenue Service Home of the IRS on the Web.
Payroll Tax Penalty Calculator Recompute your payroll deposit penalties to determine if the IRS has overcharged you. Call our office for help in getting the penalty reduced.
California Attorney General acts as the legal overseer of charities that do business in the state. This site gives you access to the actual tax returns of charitable organizations so you can see where their money actually goes.
Tax Information on Mutual Funds This site assists you in locating all of your mutual fund tax information, such as: U.S. Government Information, Tax Exempt Municipal Bond Information, Capital Gain Distribution Information, Alternative Minimum Tax Information, Foreign Tax Credit Information, Intangibles Tax Information, and Dividends Received Deduction Information.
The Total Tax and Insights This site allows you to calculate your estimated tax per your state and county based on your income, rental (if any), mortgage information you enter.